Yummy greek food, inspiring chefs, unique surroundings, dinners under the stars…Here are the Best Restaurants in Santorini!

The Athenian House (at Imerovigli)
Breath-taking views over the caldera at Imerovigli and a gastronomical journey through Greece is what is promised by Christoforos Peskias, a television personality and pioneer of modern Greek cuisine. Menus mingle the very best of classic Greek favourites with a clever contemporary twist. Santorini’s famous tomatoes are served with rich lobster bisque, while a trio of kebabs with crispy pita bread nod to Peskias’ Middle Eastern heritage. The wine list includes organic and biodynamic wines from rare Santorini-grown vines

Lycabettus Restaurant
Lycabettus is an adorable elegant restaurant located in the picturesque Oia village, built literally on the edge of the staggering caldera cliffs. Once you visit its arresting dining terrace it becomes difficult to grasp such a superlative beauty around you. Guests find themselves surrounded by an endless blue and they directly become overwhelmed by this phenomenal location. The graceful surroundings and idyllic atmosphere signify, of course, an exquisite dining experience. The Mediterranean menu and the Greek recipes with local products from the island’s rich volcanic soil have captivated visitors’ hearts. The palatable dishes are accompanied by a large list of fine Santorinian wines as well as wines from the rest of Greece and the rest of the world. Lycabettus restaurant and its chef have gained various awards and distinctions throughout the years. The place, which is listed among the best restaurants in the world, is ideal for couples and newlyweds as its romantic atmosphere and the dramatic landscape suggests.

Inspired by the passion and philosophy of the French gastronomy, the luxury Santorini restaurant La Colline allows its guests to experience the Art de Vivre with exceptional flavours from the French cuisine and inspirations from its famous chef. As a real French, provincial restaurant, this luxury restaurant in Fira introduces diners to the gourmet cuisine and fine dining in Santorini. The restaurant’s top chef blends the art of living beautifully with dining beautifully while combining the most exceptional recipes with the finest ingredients from the volcanic lands of the Cyclades to ensure a dining experience beyond expectations.

Following resort’s holistic philosophy of health and wellness, Throubi restaurant celebrates the Santorinian gastronomy under the guidance of a selected team, always ready to share its passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences. Obsessive perfection here is in the details as each dish is created and plated like a work of art, inspired by the nutritionally balanced Mediterranean cooking style. Our young and enthusiastic team guarantees high quality service, Andronis group prides itself on. An equal amount of care and attention has put into a selection of ingredients specialty, handpicked directly from the restaurant’s purpose-built gardens. All you can expect in here, are endlessly relaxed dinners at the most romantic side of Santorini, blended with excellent wine from an extensive wine menu never that fail to astound. We invite you to unveil the secrets of unforgettable dinning escapes, showcasing a poetic backdrop that stimulates the senses

The “Lauda Restaurant” is situated in one of the best areas on the island of Santorini. The “Lauda Restaurant” is luxurious and is actually one of the leading private restaurants on the entire island. It is the ideal place for having a relaxing and/or romantic breakfast, light lunch or dinner while marveling at the magnificent sea. It was 1971 when the LAUDA, the first restaurant in the beautiful village of OIA on the island of Santorini, opened. At the time the village only had 306 inhabitants and the locals gathered at the LAUDA to eat, socialise and use the village’s only telephone. Since then, thanks to its expertise and talent, the LAUDA has become the go-to destination for visitors who flock to this corner of paradise from all over the world to enjoy the traditional flavours of Santorini. A restaurant where the fragrances and colours of this marvellous land come together to create unforgettable dishes. Today Emmanuel Renaut, chef of the LAUDA and founder of Flocons de Sel, the legendary Michelin-starred restaurant, offering his guests an even more amazing food experience.

Esperisma Bar-Restaurant is a new entry in the heart of Fira town.
With the deep knowledge of the Greek hospitality ensured by the Athina luxury Suites hotel, the executive chef Vasilis Zacharakis, ensures to all their guests an unforgettable experience. Its exquisite view of the volcano has become a common inspiration to the creation of a unique taste experience for Esperisma restaurant. The wild cliffs of the caldera in combination with the ambience of this hotel have influenced the creation of these elegant dishes. A closer look to their carefully composed menu, unveils the combination of the local fresh ingredients, mediterranean flavours, the volcanic wilderness and the luxurious ambience. All your senses will be truly satisfied, while their wine expert will assist you in choosing local wines which will enhance the flavours of your dining experience.
Enjoy a refreshing cocktail, high quality drinks and relaxing atmosphere at their bar overlooking the famous Caldera. Arrange for a private candlelight dinner with your loved one, on a privately reserved balcony. Set with fresh flowers, candles and romantic decorations this meal could be the beginning of a romantic honeymoon, and the most invaluable memory of your Santorini’s vacation. Indulge in a private dinner, where your personal waiter will cater to your every need and whim. End your evening with a decadent desert. Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst drinking in the colours of the sunset.

Housed in a picturesque renovated windmill, with Adam Kontovas as the head chef, the “Mylos” remains one of the best restaurants in Santorini. The menu balances between its Greek character and Kontovas’ internationally oriented perception, with dishes in which the ingredients are successfully combined to give intense flavors. Typical examples are the cod with sea urchin veloute, edamame, and wild greens; the rabbit terrine with pickled cucumber; the roasted rabbit pancetta; the oyster mayonnaise with seaweed waffle; and the fried mackerel with white fish roe, prosciutto, and buckwheat. Greek Cuisine Award 2018.

In a beautiful, minimalist place, where you might think that you float on the bridge of a ship above the Caldera, the award-winning chef Chronis Damalas combines creative fusion and classic flavors with sushi and crudo. The dishes that stand out are the marinated sea bass with sea urchin and chili-passion fruit; the gyoza spinach pie with feta cheese foam and herbs; the wagyu nigiri with kabayaki, fresh ginger, and green onion; the wagyu burger in bao ban with truffle, edible gold, mayonnaise, yuzu and green chili.

The Buddha-Bar Beach is at the location of La Maltese Estate Santorini.
Set in a historic location, magnificently perched at the highest point of the caldera, 250 meters above the sea of the awe–inspiring Santorini.
Stepping through the doors of this private Luxury Hotel in Santorini, through its opulent archways, out into the rays of the Aegean sun and onto the expansive 250 sq. meter veranda with an infinity pool offer breathtaking views of the village of Imerovigli, the natural splendor of the Caldera’s cliffs and Volcanic Islands, and of course the incomparable sunsets of Santorini. A worldwide reference in the fields of gastronomy, hospitality, wellness, music and mixology, the legendary Buddha-Bar goes beyond its neo-Asian walls and finds its home on the island of Santorini, offering a unique dining & lifestyle summer experience on a breathtaking location.
When the sun sets, master mixologists dream up fabulous cocktails to enjoy with Tapasian bites, waiting for the evening’s unique Buddha-Bar experience, a delightful selection of Pacific Rim cuisine dishes, made with the finest ingredients and spices a perfect blend of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other Asian flavours with a zest of the West & Mediterranean. Throughout the summer, world famous DJs and unique gatherings will altogether bring to La Maltese Estate an exclusive take on an ever-evolving Buddha-Bar Beach Spirit. Buddha-Bar DJs eclectic sets, in harmony with the famous compilations will create an exceptional atmosphere for a distinctive destination. The unique view and the amazing atmosphere of venue, makes Buddha-Bar Beach La Maltese Santorini the perfect place for your private events such as wedding, birthdays,…

Kapari Wine Restaurant
Gastronomic pleasures are part of an unforgettable vacation. At Kapari Wine Restaurant use the finest ingredients and follow the strictest standards to create healthy and appetizing meals. Start your day with a gourmet breakfast and conclude it with an exquisite dinner: Taste mouth watering Mediterranean recipes, combined with famous local delicacies. Choose from a huge variety of premium wines. During sunset, surrender to the dramatic views of the caldera and the deep blue Aegean sea.


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