Team Building in Greece


Greece is the ideal destination for incentive trips and outdoor team building activities.
Privileged climate, beautiful and unique nature and exceptional hospitality, breathtaking sites and the biggest open-air museums in the world- are the main advantages of the country.
Greek Escape Luxury Travel creates for you the high quality incentive programs to test your team’s skills.
Exciting activities with fun and drive for your daily cooperation – this is a strong team up!
So get on board with us and be inspired by the philosophy of teamwork.

The benefits:

• Bring everybody together.
• Bring everybody together in a non-office environment…and get to know each other better…
• Promote team spirit and cooperation.
• Develop skills and relations that can only be developed outside of the office.
• Do something else… -and something really fulfilling!
• Develop team spirit and learn to operate under pressure while competing under though conditions.
• Promote competitiveness.
• Master nautical skills.
• Get lifetime experiences.
• Get to know each other better and discover out-of-office personality assets of colleagues..

Some examples of our activities: 

We divide our guests into teams named after the gods and heroes of Greek Mythology. Each team receives a map with 12 areas marked (as many as the labors of Hercules) through which they must pass. Our people are stationed at six of the twelve areas and will require the teams to complete an activity, such as, The Stymphalian Birds station, at which the players compete in an archery contest, or The Belt of Hippolyte station, at which the players must retreive the gold belt of the «queen of the Amazons» from around her waist!

First aid needs to reach the person in need quickly. The rescue material arrives with a parachute, but all the supplies are scattered in space. Now our team has to collect all the materials and go quickly to the one who needs help. The tactic of collecting rescue materials is a matter for our team and it is the one that will determine the final outcome of the rescue. Someone will run or we’ll all run on a relay system, that’s something we’ll decide on. But time is running and it is a determinant for the whole process.

We will turn you into bakers! We divide your people into teams. Everyone receives an apron branded with your logo, baker’s hats, and all the tools necessary to make bread. After a quick bread baking seminar, the race begings. The winning team has not only the best-looking bread, but foremost, the best-tasting bread!

The team tries to drive a 4×4 vehicle through a very odd course. Attached to the front of the vehicle is a pole, and the driver, with the help of his team must score points by touching as many of the signs as possible with the pole.

The participants will have in their hands a “real” scenario to follow and, of course, the appropriate equipment to participate. This equipment is comprised of compasses, digital cameras, real maps, rules and instructions of the game. We divide into teams, and each team in turn, will receive their equipment. This is a game that demands strategy, direction, and team spirit. The members of the team understand that if there is not a clear distribution of roles from the beginning and they do not advance step-by-step, they will not reach their goal. It is understood through the above activity that a piece of information should be “distilled” to verify its content before acting upon it, and, of course we should always be ready to change our strategy in accordance with new information. At the finish of the game all of the teams, without knowing it, will have worked toward the same goal. Besides receiving messages and riddles to solve, the team members will encounter people in disguise who will give them information (some fact, some fiction…).


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